Your Must Have Accessory

Rayne Parvis in bomber jacket and Jord watch. (Photo credit: Ryan P. Morgan).

Do you get dressed and think to yourself “something is missing”? Do you have a cool statement piece like a fab watch? A statement watch can save you from digging through your purse or pocket to find your phone and elevate almost any outfit. From jeans to t-shirts to a well-fitted suit a trendy time teller will take your personal style to the next level.

One patterned/two-toned and one simple choice is recommended. If your outfit is plain, grab the patterned watch. If your suit or outfit is already poppin’ with textures choose a simple silver, platinum or gold watch. The best tip I can give is to invest in a watch you love looking at! I recently got this Jord watch for my man. And since he refused to model, you get me. HAHA!