Why Dress For Success?

With today’s rough and tough economy, it’s even more important to pay extra special attention to your appearance. I know this sounds crazy, but most of us spend a third of our lives at work. Uh, that is a lot of time, people. Many of us see our co-workers more than we see our own families. Pretty sad, but completely true, so why not spend that third of your life dressed appropriately? Why not leave a fashionable footprint wherever you go?

Here is a fun little fact: In the work force, your hair and face are the first things that employers and clients notice…then wardrobe…and this all takes 3 seconds or less! Few people will want to do business with someone who looks grungy, sloppy, and unkempt. The bottom line, it’s just not professional. Don’t let a bad haircut and outdated appearance cost you the job, deal, or promotion. This applies to you too, entrepreneurs!

This button-up, cashmere sweater, and blazer combo on handsome John K. is a great alternative to a suit and tie. Still professional but oh… so sleek!
Meet Nikki. This is a great date outfit. For a business look, add a fitted blazer that stops right at your waist!

What NOT to Wear to the Office and Meetings:

• 5 inch heels.
• Dull looking and out-of-date suits.
• High water pants.
• Too much perfume. (I have made this mistake more than once, but I can’t help it and I’m not going to fire myself!)
• Too much or no makeup (avoid heavy eyeliner and lipstick that is too dark).
• Faded clothing.
• Straggly hair, you need a HAIRSTYLE.
• Sexy dresses and short skirts.
• Scuffed or worn-out shoes.
• Flip flops.
• Anything glittery (makeup included).
• Anything dirty, stained, holey, or wrinkly.
• Spaghetti straps or tube tops.
• Too tight pants (NO CAMEL TOES).
• T-shirts with too much information on them: ICE CREAM LOVER, I LOVE ITALIANS, WEEKEND WHORE, ETC.