What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner!

AHHH! It’s already the end of November…meaning the end of “fall” fashion for us fashionable conscious people. AFTER THIS WEEKEND, say good-bye to the browns, golds, deep yellows, and oranges and hello to the darker winter colors: deep reds, dark greens, midnight blues, blacks and grays.

Thanksgiving is a few days away and I wanted to help you plan a FESTIVE and comfortable outfit.

My outfit: I like to wear slacks (Rachel Zoe) to dinners because I am always cold. For this party, I choose a leopard top with FALL COLOR spots. I love this top because if I spill anything on it …you can’t really see it, everything blends in. So for the ladies that maybe cooking a patterned top is an excellent option. The blouse is shiny/sheen so it adds a little more DRESSINESS to the outfit too. I belted it to cinch in my waist. Metallics, like my clutch, are super hot this season…and will carry over to NYE parties. My pants are super long but I have on black strappy high-heels by Cole Haan (super comfy since they teamed up with Nike). You can also pair this with ankle boots.

My man’s outfit: A warm sweater (Calvin Klein) in dark green, “barely there” plaid slacks (Perry Ellis) and Ryz shoes. Guys don’t like to have to fuss when they dress so basic sweaters, slacks, and cool shoes are the way to go. When I shop for men, I start with 3 basic colors so they can mix and match all the outfits without thinking about it. Ryz shoes are one of my favorites for men. They are like a more snazzier version of converse. His colors will work for winter too!

A little GIVING THANKS REMINDER FROM ME: Giving “thanks” not only for Thanksgiving but for all of our blessings everyday is important for your soul, your loved ones and God(or whomever you consider to be the one who made you with His very hands;)). I literally “pray through the day” and say what I am grateful for when ever I am driving, standing in shopping lines, watching a commercial etc. I wake-up and write in a journal for what I am grateful for like this:


  1. The invention of coffee. Thank you JESUS!;)
  2. Getting home safely last night from all my holiday adventures.
  3. My brother’s talent…I love listening and seeing his band The Cocanuts perform. The fact that I am no longer jealous that my brother can sing and I can’t…and that I realize everyone has gifts so other people can enjoy them;).
  4. Me winning the poker game!(HOLLA!)
  5. Animals. SYLVIA HAGSTROM(the family cat) rules!
  6. Matt Parvis, my significant other. He reinvents what I think love is everyday.
  7. Spanx.
If I needed a jacket, this is the one I would choose. I love me some W118 by Walter Baker!

I hope you get the picture. No matter how big or small let the heavens and your loved ones know what you are grateful for throughout the day. I hope my “dressing for Thanksgiving” dinner suggestions will not only keep you comfortable but FASHIONABLY FAB!