What To Wear Camping…and Glamping

My memories of camping as a kid consist of freezing cold showers, wearing the same dirty smoke filled clothes (because I packed the wrong items), sitting around the camp fire looking at the same loved ones for days and having the worst tossing and turning night’s sleep with a with a rock poking my back from the forest floor. I am happy to share with all the people who never took to roughing it in the outdoorscamping is not what is used to be! You can attend your families adventure and enjoy Mother Nature with hot showers, boat rides, fishing, hiking away from your campsite, a cooked meal from a campground restaurant and converse with other humans at the lake’s bar in style.

My husband’s family kindly introduced us to Annett’s Mono Village in California.  We borrowed a pop-up camper, packed up Frida(our 4-pound rescue dog) and drove 6 hours to a non-campers idea of  a camping paradise aka glamping! Can I get an Amen to no cabin/tent fever?! I highly recommend this camping and RV haven.


  1. Hat(baseball, trucker, bucket or fedora). Not only will these protect yourself from getting sun burned, but they hide oily and/or dirty hair.
  2. Cotton Tanks Top, T-shirt and Thermals. Cotton helps keep your skin cool and from being stinky like polyester.
  3. Vest. I love my vest(pictured below)! It’s a great way to layer a flannel or t-shirt depending on the temperature.
  4. Shorts.
  5. Jeans(optional). I like to protect my legs from mosquitos at dusk.
  6. Sweatpants/shirts(for nights and mornings). Due to freezing nights, sweats are recommend as pajamas. Sorry guys, ladies you can leave your cute lingerie night gowns at home.
  7. Shoes You Don’t Care About: Tom’s or old work-out shoes are awesome.
  8. Flip-flops: Wear flip-flops in the public showers. You don’t want to catch a foot fungus.
  9. Uggs: The temperature dropped from 80 degrees during the day to 45 degree at night. You are going to want to slip into something warm and comfy.

BONUS: Dr. Bonner’s Pure Castile Soap: You can use it to wash your face, body, dog, vegetables and dishes. And yes, you can shave with it too!

In addition, don’t forget your basics like underwear, lots of socks, sunglasses, sports bra(for the ladies), sunblock, bathing suit, quarters for the showers and your toiletries.

Happy Camping and Glamping! 

Rayne, Frida and Matt Parvis camping in Annett’s Mono Village near Bridgeport, Ca.