What to Wear After a Breakup

Getting dumped or leaving someone sucks! Excuse my elementary school language but it’s the truth. It’s happened to me, your loved ones, co-workers, family and most likely you. Most of my clients are referred from matchmaking agencies and have had their heart broken by a divorce or past relationship. Putting effort into your appearance is a key factor in getting over the breakup and falling in love again, meeting new people and giving yourself a fresh start.

What to wear to lift your spirits:

Uplifting Colors: Yellow, orange, turquoise, pink, blues and kelly green can evoke feelings of health, joy, spirituality, happiness and healing. If you’re not into wearing bright colors take a walk or buy vibrant artwork for your home or office.

Style Coach and personal stylist, Rayne Parvis, in Banana Republic Dress and faux fur vest. Photo by: Ryan P. Morgan.

Fun Gym Wear: It’s been proven that exercise releases stress and endorphins that can trigger positive feelings in the body and boost your mood steering you away from a depressive state. If you purchase eye-catching gym wear that you like, you are more likely get your butt to the gym, on a hike with friends or a walk in a park filled with beautiful scenery. Even a brisk walk can make you feel better and start the healing process. How cute, and in shape, is my girl Jeanette Ortega (pictured below)? Don’t you want to go boxing with her?

Author, fitness guru and gym owner, Jeanette Ortega, from Extreme Results Fitness in Northridge, CA.

Something New: An updated hair style, color, lipstick, statement necklace or outfit, of course, will give you a boost of confidence. We all remember the scene from Sex And The City when Carrie Bradshaw goes darker! Pictured below are a few of my new items. I didn’t go through a breakup but I did want to get a fresh feel for spring!

Kat Von D lipstick and Lucky Star Jewels necklace.

In addition to your outer appearance check out Chris Seiter’s podcast and website http://www.ExBoyfriendRecovery.com. I recently was a guest on his show Ex Boyfriend Recovery where we talked wardrobe and all things “exboyfriendy”. You can subscribe to his site to be part of his community. Chris will welcome you with open arms just like he did me! Make sure to tell him I said “hello!”.
My guest spot:

What to Wear When You See Your Ex (with Rayne Parvis) on Ex Boyfriend Recovery

Happy healing!