what is the hype about?


"For a guy who doesn't know much about style, meeting Bree was godsend! She styled me in what is now my favorite suit, which I'm convinced has helped me land more meetings. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but I count on her as a dear friend as well."

– Thomas ADELSON | cbre

"My story is not dissimilar to other guys my age. I had a girlfriend (who I eventually married) all through college. At the time, I fancied myself a great dresser. I'd go to Nordstrom and know exactly what worked for me. Much time passed, and late into my 30's, I had a major life change and was thrust back into the dating scene. Styles had changed, l lost so much weight my clothes didn't fit, and department store clerks seemed to only want to load me up with expensive garments that weren't right for me. Then I was referred to Bree Jacoby. The experience was very engaging and refreshingly unique. She called me to get to know me, and then she invited me to her shop to try on clothes. When I arrived, she had several items already selected: jackets, shirts, socks, shoes, etc... she showed me entire outfits that made me look fantastic. Normally I would be too modest to pay myself such a compliment, but after hearing it from so many people about how well dressed I was, even strangers, I started to really appreciate what Bree did for me. Not only did I look good, but I felt good. And when you're starting over, you need that. She's always on the lookout for new items for me, and getting a new outfit from her is something I always look forward to. She's amazing, and as long as she's in this business you'll find me waiting in line to see her. Thank you, Bree!"

– Dave Calabrese | VP OF CIM GROUP

"I honestly do not know what I would do without Bree and her absolutely stellar styling advice. It's like she looks at me and just knows things. She's done so much for my wardrobe already, and she's super creative. Highly, highly recommend her work."


"I love working with Bree. She makes shopping for clothes easy and fun. She's super nice and just "gets me". She always recommends a style I like and even recommends a style that I may not have thought on my own. Highly recommend working with her."


"Ladies, Bree Jacoby is the best in the business. I'm a busy attorney juggling work, my personal life, and if I feel so inspired, the gym. When I found time to shop, I couldn't find anything I liked. And I'm not a model, so shockingly, when I shopped online the clothes looked very different than they did online (sigh). Then came Bree. She made looking great SO easy. She schedules an appointment, removes the awful from your closet (turns out I had a lot of it), assesses your style, and shops for you! I then met her at her office and had the. best. shopping. experience. ever. She picked the perfect clothes that fit my body and made me look amazing. I walked in an "umm, girl?" and left a "damnnnnn girllll"! Bree is fantastic and the service is beyond worth it. Bree Jacoby. Make it happen. immediately."

– Stefanie Schiff, Attorney

"Having great style, communicates great confidence. As a startup founder in Silicon Valley, it pays to be both noticed and memorable. When you work with Bree, you get style you can trust to get you on the map in everything from your professional to your personal life. Whether you're looking to revamp your wardrobe or feeling a little stuck on a look, you can have confidence in Bree's stellar attention to detail for any occasion to ensure you're always dressed to impress!"

– Trevor Kincy, CEO Method Dynamics

"Bree has been styling both me and my husband for years and we recommend her to everyone we know! Bree is a true perfectionist when it comes to making sure she nails every measurement and that the finished product is exactly what you had hoped for! Best decision we made was to put our fashion choices in Bree's hands!"

– Jen Dillard, Realtor

The day Brooke came to my house, to purge and organize my closet, is what I like to call the beginning of my new life. She spent over 5 hours going through each and every item of mine and my husband's, helping us realize what we had been holding on to and the importance of letting go. Immediately, friends of mine could tell there had been a shift in me, a lightness to my life that had been long overdue. She spent time getting to know us and really understanding what our needs were. We desperately needed someone to help us update our wardrobe as well as alleviate the stress of having to do the actual shopping ourselves. Brooke quickly became out go-to person for all things fashion related. She was able to pick out clothes that both of us felt incredible and confident in. Brooke continues to be a patient, kind, and creative stylist that we both use on a regular basis. She has a gift for fashion sense and foresight. 11 out of 10 stars for Ms. Lefton.  

– sarah selders, Founders of Spring Street Creative Inc. 

Brooke has been a huge help for me and my wife. She helped us get our closets in order and enhance our wardrobes, while keeping our budget in mind. I couldn't have found a better partner to help me with my monthly changing clothing needs.

– sean o'malley, coo global music rights

I'm a deer in the headlights when it comes to clothes, styles, what fits and what looks good. Brooke came in and changed my relationship with wardrobe from top to bottom. She went through my entire closet getting rid of five 13 gallon bags of clothes and then hand picking the best styles for me---that actually fit! She completely relieved my stress and anxiety about clothes and shopping. If you want to really change your life, do yourself a favor and hire Brooke and her team. 10 Stars! Thank you a million times Brooke!! 

– matt kinzelberg, it consultant

Brooke is the style concierge you want in your back pocket; whether or not you have any sense of style yourself.  She's lightening fast on the uptake, and will quickly focus in on what matters to you, fits your personality, and makes you look great...then she'll stretch your limits a little and you'll love the results. Brooke has fitted me for casual, business, custom suits, and even my wedding tux. The tux was brilliant, far outlasted the marriage, and was definitely the better investment. Whether you're looking to update your wardrobe, or feel the difference of a custom tailored suit, Brooke is the person you want in your corner.

– JOE ONISICK, Director of marketing cisco

Bree is the best! She's always available for even the simplest of questions (and I've asked many) and is great about finding outfits for your own style, or building up a personal stye if you don't have one. I've gotten so many compliments from friends and strangers since I started working with her. She really has turned my fashion life around. 



Bree is awesome, she listens, makes great recommendations, and is ON IT! Highly recommend. 



I recently started working with Bree Jacoby and it has been a game changer. Bree is a personal shopper and stylist who helps you edit your closet and get rid of things that you don't wear (and don't need), and then shops for you to build outfits and create a wardrobe that you love. She helped me figure out what to get rid of in my overcrowded closet, which was hugely helpful. Now when I look at my closet, I only have pieces that I love, that pair well together, and that make me feel good. If you want help curating a stylish and functional wardrobe, Bree is your girl.

– rachel rosenbloom, ceo of polka dot media