"The Best High-fashion Personal Shopper Services. A quick glance at Bree Jacoby's breezy, stylish personal shopping website will show that she and her team take the task seriously."
"Work for someone like Bree Jacoby, who is working to build out her membership-based personal styling startup with a growing team of stylists."
"Here is what Billionaires Actually Give Each Other As Gifts. Down a few class pegs, denizens of merely 1 percent level might consider buying a friend a "closet edit" from Bree Jacoby, a luxury personal shopping and stylist service that will dispatch an expert to your home to go through your wardrobe for the low price of just $1,000"
“Bree has taken her combined love for growing retail companies and styling to new heights by creating a one of a kind membership based styling service for people who do not want to shop. She fiercely believes her clients shouldn’t have to think about how to dress.”
"BREE JACOBY is changing the future of retail."
"BREE JACOBY is #BossBabe, fashionista, and stylist. She knows what it takes to be a stylist."
"Bree Jacoby is changing how people shop."
Bree Jacoby, founder of personal styling firm, Bree Jacoby, counts Tom Ford's Vanille Tobacco amongst her top colognes, traditionally marketed to men. "[The scent] reminds me that I am a confident woman who doesn’t play by the rules. I can and will be whoever I want to be. Plus, it’s only right I choose a masculine scent to compliment my oversized men’s vintage blazer."

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