How To Prevent Blisters When Wearing Heels

After a day of shopping for my client my feet were so sore. I counted at least 6 blisters! I felt like such a ding-dong for wearing new shoes when I knew I would be walking a lot and at times…running to and from the racks. If you are a personal shopper like me, you know what I mean.

My Vince Camuto peep-toe booties were slightly too big, my feet were sweating ..hence causing them to slip and slide with every movement. Whether it’s shopping, every day walking, or a night out on the town we get blisters. Here are some ways to prevent them in FASHIONABLE HEELS:

  1. Wear insoles or heel cushions. When shopping for heels I always make sure there is enough room for me to insert extra padding, even if it means going up half a size bigger.
  2. Make sure your stilettos/shoes fit securely. If they are slightly too big your foot will rub against the sides causing friction…causing blisters. (This was my problem!)
  3. Place a “blister” band aid in the place you are blister prone. These are small, round, and barely noticeable.
  4. Rub baby powder into your foot. This will keep  your feetsies dry(moisture is a HUGE cause in the formation of blisters).
  5. Wear protective tights, “Ultra Low Slip-on Socks”, “Peep Toe Socks”, or what ever shape of heel you are wearing when ever possible. There are so many different options.

Note: One foot is always bigger than the other. To prevent that foot from sliding, you may wear the insoles in both feet, but then a heel insert in the smaller foot side too. I know this may sound crazy, but it works.

I hope these tips help keep your feet remain unscathed and fancy!