Our Stylists

Our relationship with you will be ongoing. We want you to feel confident that we’re with you every step of the way, for every important business meeting, date night, or special occasion.


Founders Note

I started BREE JACOBY to create a personalized shopping experience. I wanted to help people feel great in their clothes and teach them how to build a wardrobe that worked for their unique lifestyle.  I created an in-home retail experience that makes people feel supported and confident when getting dressed. In 2020, we hit a worldwide pandemic and our clients need more than just clothes. I think people need support and a company to help them recreate their lifestyle goals. BREE JACOBY is here to do just that. We launched our wellness business to give our members access to top healers and products. Our stylists and wellness specialists will curate decisions for our members’ wardrobes and wellness. We’ll digitize the entire process visually so members can track their progress and refer back at any point. Our signature experience remains the same–customized, exclusive, and personal. BREE JACOBY will be ever evolving just as all of our lives have become. Our vision is to be a lifestyle membership program. We’re expanding from fashion into helping members curate their dream lifestyle. From your wardrobe to your wellness, we can’t wait to give you the full experience. 

Our Mission

BREE JACOBY is reinventing the world of luxury retail. Our 360-degree suite of services go above and beyond the industry norm to ensure our clients look and feel their best without ever having to lift a finger—or set foot in a retail store again. We understand that confidence starts with what you wear, and our clients trust a BREE JACOBY stylist to elevate their personal brand with personalized service they simply can’t find anywhere else.