Meet Our B Hive

Our team of what we call "killer B's" are Bree's incredible stylist team. You should know our relationship with you will be ongoing. We want you to feel confident that we’re with you every step of the way, for every important business meeting, date night, or special occasion.

Founder's Note

Brooke Lefton is a Redondo Beach, CA native with a fierce eye for styling and a gift of becoming every client's most trusted stylist. Brooke leads the team with over five years of experience in retail, wholesale buying and custom clothing for men. She excels in building relationships with our clients to make sure everyone has an incredible BREE JACOBY experience.


Madeleine is from Dallas, Texas! Her passion is to transform peoples lives to be their best self. She joined BREE JACOBY because we are paving the way people think about their health, wellness, and style needs by providing a community, resources, and support to be their best self. She specializes in styling men with their wardrobes and lifestyle.

Lauren Lawson

Lauren is a Washington D.C. native and has spent her entire career perfecting her infinite rolodex of designer and fit knowledge. Lauren comes from Intermix where she was a top stylist in the country. Lauren's vast retail styling experience and her eye for fashion will make you stand out and transform. There is no denying her bubbly personality and her ability to make everyone her new best friend.

Rayne Parvis

Rayne has been serving women and men in need of fashion revamping since 2010. Her styling experiences range from wardrobe styling for branding agencies to award-winning headshot photographers to Nordstrom and personal clients all over the world who desire a polished and authentic image.

Lucero Salomon

Growing up in Palm Springs I was heavily involved in the family business of design and events. So, it came natural to have an eye for detail, passion for fashion and design. Through my 10 years of styling I proudly say I have styled all ages, both men and women. My favorite client is the one that rocks their confidence and feels their best! BREE JACOBY found me just as I found it, at the PERFECT time. About to turn 30 years old and looking to invest more into myself. BREE JACOBY has given me the tools and resources to build an empire within myself and as a whole. I look forward to what the future holds in my dream career with BREE JACOBY and team!

The Queen (B)ree

I started BREE JACOBY to create a better consumer experience in retail. To bring innovation, transformation and personalization to an otherwise old and impersonal traditional retail space, to truly support people’s lives beyond the walls of stores or shopping online.

I did months of research before starting my company to find any stylist or company alike that had the personal touch, brand relationships and innovative digital wardrobing technology.  Nothing existed. I just knew there needed to be a better experience within the retail world. I made it my mission to create something transformative for people that goes far beyond selling a tee-shirt.

My vision has and always will be, to create the best personalized shopping experience for people looking to transform their wardrobe, simplify their decisions and take control of their needs and goals. Through building a team of top talent, we will continue to grow into a true Home of Style where people feel apart of a community. Our unique approach should make anyone who works with us feel like they just build a relationship with us and their wardrobe. Customer experience is my number one and you will see that we will always deliver the top notch service to you. I am so thankful you have read this and have come to our site and I hope we have the opportunity to transform your way of getting dressed.