Bree jacoby | FoundeR & CEO

Bree Jacoby is a Los Angeles native with a splash of East Coast mentality and spunk. Bree specializes in men’s and women’s personal brand consulting. Bree's been an entrepreneur since she was 13 years old, with her first company being a jewelry business. By 20, she was managing and building up retail businesses in Los Angeles and New York City. With a strong sense of style and passion, Bree has taken her combined love for business and styling to new heights by creating a one of a kind personal styling business for her busy and successful men and women. She fiercely believes her clients shouldn't have to think about how to dress. They should let her do the thinking for them so they can focus on what they love doing. If she can make them more successful while also looking their best, that's Bree's motto. When you work with Bree you will get personalized service at your convenience and every client will get a final #signedbybree stamp of approval to make sure you have the best experience possible.  

brooke lefton lead STYLE CONCIERGE


Brooke Lefton is a Redondo Beach, CA native with a fierce eye for styling and a gift of becoming every clients most trusted stylist. Bree and Brooke have previously worked together, so when Bree started her company, she brought Brooke on to head up the concierge team and build relationships with our clientele. Brooke leads the team with over five years of experience in retail, wholesale buying and custom clothing for men. She excels in building relationships with our clients to make sure everyone has an incredible BREE JACOBY experience.  If she is not styling our clients, designing custom clothing, or editing a closet, she is brainstorming ways to make our concierge experience even more, next level. #signedbybree