4 Ways To Earn Extra Money For Your New Wardrobe

 I let go some of my OLD favorite leopard pieces to make room for new ones! Here is the buyer holding them up at Buffalo Exchange.

It feels like we just got into to summer, but fall is just around the corner. Stores are having huge blowouts sales to make room for their fall pieces to come on in! I wanted to share with you four ways to make some extra cash for your unwanted clothes that are taking up space in your closet. Now is a great time to clean-out your closet and get prepared for the leaves to change and wind to blow. I made $133.00 that day(pictured left). That is a new outfit and shoes at TJ MAXX! I always love to save money and am always in search for a good bargain… so ENJOY!

4 Ways To Earn Extra Money For Your Fall Wardrobe

1. Sell any designer items at a consignment store or eBay. A second-hand consignment store will usually offer you 30% to 40% of what they will be selling it for. My favorites are Wasteland, Cross Roads, and Buffalo Exchange. For the most part, they only take stylish items that are in need for a specific season. Personally, I find selling clothes on eBay is time consuming, but it’s definitely a lucrative option. However, eBay will give you the most money for your HIGH END ITEMS: Prada’s, Gucci’s, and Vutton’s bag, belts, suitcases etc.

2. Have a “clothing swap” party with your friends. Tell all your friends to bring over their unwanted items and swap. I recommend “swapping” over cocktails. It’s so much fun! You don’t really make money, but you don’t spend any either and you get some great stuff.

3. Have a yard sale and sell any other house hold items as well! Out with the old in with the new!

4. If you don’t really have the time or need the cash to do the above, you can donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.  If your unwanted items are really great quality business clothes for women, donate them to Dress For Success, an organization who specializes in creating opportunities for jobless women who want to get their feet back on the ground. You will get a tax write-off for this and help out the women’s community at the same time.

Happy Fall Shopping Everyone!