3 Secrets to Save Money While Shopping

Over the years I have developed relationships with personal shoppers, department store clerks and have witnessed my clients save money. I’m committed to getting my clients the best service and deals! Here are a few easy and secret pointers:


My girlfriends and I have no shame when it comes to saving money. For example, my girlfriend went to Urban Outfitters and bought 4 pairs of pants and a few other items. A week later she went back to return a top. She noticed that the pants she bought were now 40% off. She was refunded the difference of $60.00. Now $60.oo may not be a lot, but hello that money could of been donated, used to buy another outfit or to take out a friend for lunch. If you shop a lot that money can definitely add up.


If there is a big sale being advertised for a department’s store weekend sale it most likely will start on Thursday night. Beat the crowds and get the best selection of the merchandise on sale….and smile!

Client Pam and Rayne Parvis, personal stylist posing with a rack full of purchases at Macy's in Sherman Oaks, CA.
Client Pam and Rayne Parvis, personal stylist posing with a rack full of purchases at Macy’s in Sherman Oaks, CA.


Many Bloomingdale’s. Nordstrom’s and Macy’s have a designated offices for studio services and customers who shop frequently, usually spending a generous amount. The shoppers can let you know of deals, events(LIKE THE ONE BELOW), pull items for you to save you time shopping and can give you special discounts with “secret” promo-codes. I took my client shopping at Bloomingdale’s and she received $150.00 in Reward Cards because she had reached 5000 points….and she didn’t even have to use her Bloomingdale’s card.

After purchasing a great suit with me at Macy’s. Amby, the suit specialist, texted my client months later to let him know that the suits he liked were going on sale again. My client bought two more suits and had them shipped to his house. He didn’t even have to go into the store!

Amby, the men's personal shopper, my client from Switzerland and I after a awesome day of picking out outfits for her upcoming Hawaii trip!
Amby, the men’s personal shopper, from Macy;’s, Rayne’s client from Switzerland and Rayne Parvis after a awesome day of shopping.

NOTE: Macy’s will most likely ask you to charge it on the card to receive the discount. If you’re one of those people who gets annoyed with having to use the specific card, make sure to bring cash so you can make a payment right after you make a purchase with your card. Yay, to reaping the benefits without having to pay interest!