3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy From a Thrift Shop

I am a big fan of mixing in new and vintage pieces to create unforgettable STYLE. Thrift shops and second hand stores are a great way to add some fun unique pieces to your closet and home decor. Following my advice will save you time and money, if you don’t mind bargain hunting.

Before you buy, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the clothing in your color palette? Searching through racks of clothes can be exhausting. Most second-hand stores are categorized according to color. When I shop, I skim the racks for ONLY colors and patterns that will compliment me…saving me from full on sections.
  2. What condition is the item in? Check for holes, weird smells, and armpit stains. Is it made out of GREAT quality fabric?
  3. For furniture: is it real wood? Do the drawers work? Stay away from the “Ikea-esque” pieces. These will most likely not hold up. If  it’s wood, you can always sand, paint, and/or refurbish it to look like new!
Rayne Hagstrom
 My thrift shop find: under ten bucks at Treasure Hunt Thrift Shop.

WARNING: Wash anything you buy before you wear it.

Happy shopping and saving!

For more tips check out the last video of Treasure Hunt Thrift Shop Show I hosted: