Don’t mind us, we’re just creating a home sanctuary over here. There’s something about being home 24/7 that’s made us get on top of small home projects and upgrades. Whether you’ve tidied up, reorganized, and are now adding a couple new products to your fresh space, or just looking to add a nice touch to your home now that you’re there all the time, we’ve got you.

We spent hours scouring the internet to find you the most comforting essentials for this time at home. Each product is in stock and being shipped out quickly. We made sure to support small businesses, focused on sustainability.

Here are our top 10 quarantine home essentials. Just click each product for a link.

  1. Nightly rituals start with lighting this candle. What you do afterwards is your business.


  1. Remove the old stories in your space. (We’re currently lighting this daily).
  1. Take a mental road trip. This candle will take you there, promise.



  1. For face misting. Highly recommend it all day long.


  1. Clear the energy is your space. We’re also lighting this daily.


  1. Clear, open, and activate your higher chakras. Curious? Put one by your desk and another by your bed.


  1. The best sweats you can guaranteed get right now. Live in this comfy sweatshirt for her.


  1. The best sweats you can guaranteed get right now. Lounge in these matching comfy sweat shorts for her.


  1. The best sweats you can guaranteed get right now. Live in this comfy sweatshirt for him.
  2. The best sweats you can guaranteed get right now. Lounge in these comfy sweatpants.

Trends come and go, but black-and-white is FOREVER. Our CEO, Bree Jacoby, is the queen of this eternal look. We asked Bree to break down her B&W looks. They range from casual to formal, edgy to preppy, and classic to avant-garde, so there’s something in there for all of you. Here are her tips to owning this style staple:

Balance is everything:

BJ: “I’m all about the distribution of the tones. Include one all-black piece, one-all white piece, and one mixed piece. This way, your looks won’t slip into the realm of monotone.”

Color pops:

BJ: “I know, we basically just swore off color, but it can’t hurt to add a little here and there. To keep it classy and easy, add color in subtle ways through the details of your accessories or the accents on your clothes and shoes.

Accessories are not an afterthought:

BJ: “Accessories can bring some excitement to an otherwise simple look. Try adding a belt, some jewelry, a hat, a scarf, or even a pair of sunglasses to break up your look and add some texture.”

Follow these three tips, and you’re sure to create a killer B&W look for any occasion. Accessorize, incorporate a color pop, and balance the black and white pieces in your look and you’ll be well on your way to an easy, timeless, and chic AF style.


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If you’re getting started with meditation and you have no clue if you are doing it right, WHO CARES? Be wrong. Be bad at meditation and right then, you’ll get good at it. It’s the Buddhist gift of it all. I promise.

When I started meditating, I spent 90% of the meditation wondering if I was doing it right. Did it need to absolutely silent?  Am I sitting right? Why’s it so uncomfortable? I read a ton of books, took classes, and literally tried to get an A in meditation. What actually worked though, was my willingness to be wrong and to continue to show up for it every day.

Every morning, I spent 10 minutes tripping out that I couldn’t meditate. About 6 months into it, I decided WHO CARES?! I WILL lay down on my back and call it meditation. I WILL meditate while the trash is being collected even though it’s insanely loud. I WILL put crystals on my forehead when I meditate. Once I “broke the rules,” meditation became my own.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what you can do while in quarantine to help others. Maybe you’ve been really considering (better put, procrastinating) reorganizing your closet for a couple of years.

And the truth is if you don’t do it now while home 24/7, you’ll probably NEVER, EVER GET TO IT.

I sometimes need moral support as I start to dive into a task I’ve been putting off, so I’m starting with a closet edit. Here’s what’ll happen in the edit:

BREE JACOBY is going to tell me what to get rid of and what to keep.

(Score, I can’t make those sorts of decisions right now).

BREE JACOBY is going to give me tips on how to wear what I already have.

(Yes, I will be shopping inside my own closet exclusively for a bit here).

BREE JACOBY is also going to come up with a style vision for me.

(Wow, me?!?)

What I’m most excited about though is that I’ll end the call with a few bags of clothes to donate. Above finishing something I’ve been meaning to do FOREVER, this is one way that I can give back with what I have right now. It’s one thing that I can do while I’m doing nothing.

Plus, clean closet, clean mind, right?!

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It may seem weird, but we legitimately couldn’t be happier that you’re thinking about reorganizing your closet. There’s something about cleaning the deep recesses of your personal space that gives you a sense of WILD LIBERATION. You, however, came here for our recs because we reorganize closets ALL THE TIME.

So, let’s get to it. Here are the top 5 things you need to create a streamlined. Clean out your closet. Streamlined.

High-quality hangers. There are only two real choices here– velvet or wooden. Get velvet if your closet is full. Get wooden hangers if you want that minimalist look.

Shoe containers. These are stackable, with air vents, and little doors built in so you have easy access to your shoes. Yes, little doors!

Scotch guard. While you’re reorganizing, you also might as well commit to taking good care of your nice stuff. We promise it’ll take only 10 minutes a year. Spray this on your suede shoes when you start reorganizing and they’ll be dry the next day and protected for the next year. It’s true-we really like scotch guard.

Magic erasers. Yea, you need that same miracle sponge you use on your bathroom sink in your closet. It’s the fashionistas secret to keeping your white leather sneakers looking clean. Moisten, wipe, done.

Sandalwood incense. The denouement of your closet organization is adding a scent to keep it fresh. We love sandalwood incense, it smells great even unlit. It’s a simple, clean smell for your new simple, clean space.

Confession: I spend a ton of money every month working with an intuitive business coach named Cory. Double confession: it’s 1000% worth it. She was referred to me by a friend and coaches almost exclusively over the phone or FaceTime.

“I get a clearer read on you over the phone,” she said.

“Like, a regular phone call?” I asked, shocked that this was the best option.

“Yea.” Long pause. 

I trusted Cory’s confidence in her process although full disclosure, I HAD MAJOR DOUBTS about our first phone appointment. We hopped on our first call, and there was some unexplainable magic to it. I was comfortable, she was comfortable. The distance that the phone call created somehow made me able to connect more deeply. I was more open to talk, to cry, and to dive in. We got through more in one phone call than I had in several in-person appointments with other coaches. It left me wondering, are virtual appointments actually better? 

Is anyone else feeling happier or more productive working from home? Are we able to dive deeper from the comfort of our own home? Are we somehow more connected with this distance? 

It’s in this spirit of deep connection that we’re launching virtual appointments. We’re excited to do a deep dive into your closet through virtual closet edits, virtual closet organization, and virtual styling appointments. We’ll take the lead and guide you through every step of the process. And we’ll probably really GO THERE, with this beautiful heightened ability to connect we all seem to be sharing right now.  

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